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«Tai!» - new musical project of the members of the band «Karantin Nadezhdy», singer DaMiRa and sound producer Georgy Konenkov. During this rough time of world crisis musicians have gathered and decided to dilute such gloomy moods with bright and juicy musical scetches, unpredictable arrangements and sincere lyrics, reducing all these into an uniform tropical cocktail called «Tai!».

The repertoire of the band includes both new compositions, and old songs. But they sound in another way: fashionably & modern, meant for youth and people who appreciate the taste of their lives!

The songs has been recorded at three different studios. Now they are at mixing & mastering level. In the near-term outlook is planned the release of the first album, and a single "Snow" from it can be heard already now. The album is expected to be many-sided and as the musicians say: «What tracks will be accepted to include into an album from all written down – we amazingly don't know yet, but we will try to find a room for all colours of a rainbow in our first disk!»
Cocktail «Tai!» serves up hot in the best concert clubs of Moscow... Ask soon!

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В Kroogi с 11 апреля 2009
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Накануне дня космонавтики запускаем эту ракету с музыкой... наслаждайтесь!
11 апр. 2009 16:54
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